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Bona Ex-Demo Machine Runout SALE

Up to 60% OFF RRP

Bona have ex-demo machine run-out specials now available, must be cleared out!

We have a selection of ex-demonstration machines that we need to clear out of our warehouse to make room for new models. These machines have minimal hours logged and are all pre-checked by our trained Bona technicians.

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Free Bona Face Masks

Grab Free Bona Face Masks

Bona’s got you covered with Free Face Masks for contractors

The Corona Virus has created a new kind of normal and customer concerns about health and safety will be around for a long time, at least for the foreseeable future. Small things will make a big difference to customer confidence and could help you win jobs. Face masks are a part of the new normal and a simple aspect that helps us all get back to resuming business as usual and keeping it that way.

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Introducing Bona's new Wave 2K

Bona's new Wave 2K is here. Genuine 2K durability for heavy duty residential or moderate wear commercial.

Bona Wave 2K is a two component finish that offers great wear, scuff and scratch and chemical resistance, with Bona’s renowned quality and global name that you can trust. Bona Wave 2K is perfect for jobs where you need the toughness of a genuine 2K finish, but don't require the extreme heavy duty capabilities of Bona’s premium Traffic commercial range.

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Bona Quote Packs help you 'Seal the Deal’.

Allow Home Owners to make informed choices by supplying them with professional quotations.

A professional quotation increases your quote to sales ratio and enables home owners to make an informed choice when it comes to having their floors recoated. Many home owners simply obtain three quotes and choose the cheapest one, unaware that the cost difference can translate to the quality of finish used and the quality of work provided. Supplying home owners a professional presentation which demonstrates the benefits of your service greatly increases your chances of winning a job.

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Keep customers safe with non-toxic timber floor coatings

Don't put home owners health at risk by using solvent based finishes.

Help home owners stay safe by using use non-toxic water based finishes. It's important now more than ever for everyone to stay healthy. Water-based non-toxic finishes minimise disruption to a household as there’s no dangerous fumes, and no need to vacate the premises during application or drying.

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EFP Bona Australia Covid-19 Update

As of 25th March 2020, the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to evolve.
EFP's office and warehouse remains open with business operating as normal for the time being. We have taken measures to minimise the risk of exposure to our staff and clients, and as the unfolding situation further develops we will continue to adapt to it.

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Bona Cleaning and Maintenance for Timber floors

A timber floor will last a lifetime... and longer... if it’s cared for properly

A timber floor is a serious investment and will last a lifetime – and longer – if it’s cared for properly. Just a few simple rules need to be followed if you want to keep it looking as good as new. First take some preventative measures. Dirt and grit walked in underfoot will scratch the surface, so a large doormat is always a good idea if people or pets walk straight on to the floor from outside. Try and make it large enough to capture two foot steps and keep it shaken and clean. Use protective pads under chair legs, lift furniture rather than dragging it and keep pet claws trimmed.

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Sanding Dust Poses Serious Health Risk

Floor sanding dust creates a significant health risk to homeowners and should not be ignored

If you’re not using an effective dust free sanding system you're exposing yourself and your customers to a serious health risk. The risk to homeowners is significant and should not be ignored.

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