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Bona FlexiSand 1.9 is a powerful rotary performance without compromise
Bona FlexiSand 1.9 is equipped with different drive plates for variety of floor preparation
Bona FlexiSand 1.9 is the next step in the sanding and preparation process
Bona FlexiSand 1.9 with a powerful 1.9kW motor & robust construction
Bona FlexiSand 1.9 has a fold down handle & large wheels for ease & comfort

Bona FlexiSand 1.9

  • Overview

    The Bona FlexiSand 1.9 is the next step in the sanding and preparation process. Geared for use with the unique Bona PowerDrive, it is the most powerful direction-free sanding machine that Bona has produced. Designed with the power to grind concrete it can also sand down to bare wood or function as a normal buffing machine. With a fold down handle and large wheels the Bona FlexiSand 1.9 allows you to complete every sanding task with ease and comfort.

    The standard Bona FlexiSand 1.9 comes with the Bona Pad Drive, a standard 407 mm disc attachment for buffing pads, screens and discs. Other options available include the Bona PowerDrive, the Bona Concrete Disc or Bona’s Multi-Disc and Quattro attachments.

  • Tech Data & Safety Sheets

    Download Bona FlexiSand 1.9 Tech Data Sheets & Safety Data Sheets.

Video: Bona FlexiSand 1.9 Rotary Sander with Bona DCS70 dust free system.

Video: FlexiSand w' PowerDrive Connect
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